Turf Management

What if you could save at least 15% of your chemical budget and make your applications easier? 

What if you could have your record keeping done when you finish spraying before you even leave the equipment barn? 

​Imagine sending an applicator out to spray knowing that the right rate and the correct area will be covered across the entire course.  It doesn't matter the speed they travel, direction they drive, or where they turn it on and off. The possibilities are endless to make your turf  more efficient, profitable, environmentally safe, and help you stay in compliance with federal and state regulations. 

Total Application Control

(Liquid or Dry)

Use our products for liquid application to control rate, eliminate over/under application, overlap, or spray drift. 

Use Sharpshooter with rate Sync technology in conjunction with the rate controller to ensure you are getting the same pressure and droplet size throughout the varying speed ranges during your application. 

Record Keeping &

Data Management

We offer a full spectrum of Record Keeping and Data Management options ranging from simple reporting, 3D grids are generated using specific operational data, soil sampling, to application prescriptions.  The generated 3D grid can be used to display layers such as tree shadowing, water flow, tile placement, and pin placement. 

Real Time Kinematic

GPS Source

Using the RTK corrected GPS allows the operator to achieve sub-inch accuracy. If you repeat year to year, it will be accurate any and every time you power on your system. This is reliable because it uses the GLONASS satellite constellation and it tracks more satellites at all times which allows use in areas with trees.


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